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- Stop Quebec Bashing -
Arrêtons ces articles haineux sur le Québec

Le Quebec bashing est une attitude de dénigrement du Québec et des francophones qui l'habitent dans le monde anglo-saxon. Le Dictionnaire québécois-français propose comme équivalents : dénigrement systématique du Québec, critiques anti-Québec, cassage de Québécois ou québécophobie, mais c'est le terme Quebec bashing qui paraît de loin être le plus utilisé.

" The media and the professionals of information must avoid cultivating or maintaining the prejudices."

hree canadian journalists are cultivating prejudices againt Quebecers in their rerspective newspaper.

- Barbara Kay - The National Post
- Brigitte Pellerin - The Ottawa Citizen
- Jane Wong - The Globe and Mail

Those so-called "journalists" used insinuations, deformed facts to claim Quebecers are intolerant, racists. They publish in their respective newpapers articles to give a tarnished image of Quebec. They would never ever dare to publish such trash articles on another community in Canada but they take the liberty to vomit on Quebecers. It has to stop.
Every time one of those "journalist" write an article full of lies about Quebec or Quebecers it will be denounced on this site.

Barbara Kay

Barbara Kay made a direct connexion between  a small group of manifestants
waving Hezbollah flags at an anti-war  rally in Montreal *  and Quebecers being pro-terrorists in an article called Quebecistan (August 9, 2006, National Post).

* More than 15,000 people were at this rally

 For her, Quebecers are antisemites because they denounced war in Lebanon.  This article is real trash and has been denounced by Quebec Premier and by many journalists and politicians. Quebec politicians at this rally clearly stated they were against Hezbollah and against terrorism but  Kay published a second article  to reinforce the idea Quebecers were pro-terrorists.

« Would an independent Quebec be a friend to terrorists ? » wrote Barbara Kay.  No comments...
"Their cultural and historical sympathy for Arab countries from the francophonie -- Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon -- joined with reflexive anti-Americanism and a fat streak of anti-Semitism that has marbled the intellectual discourse of Quebec throughout its history, has made Quebec the most anti-Israel of the provinces, and therefore the most vulnerable to tolerance for Islamist terrorist sympathizers. "

Realy Barbara?

Brigitte Pellerin

Les Canadiens anglais adorent piétiner les Québécois. Mais ils apprécient davantage encore voir des Québécois piétiner d’autres Québécois.
Michel Vastel

In the Ottawa Citizen, Pellerin publish a weekly column on Quebec.  Born in Quebec City, Pellerin spit on Quebec and Quebecers all the time.  She is subtle but read between lines and you will find a lot of insinuations about intolerance and racism in Quebec. She likes to portray Quebecers as barbarians not respecting the laws. A good example :

"I only have one question: Given that Quebecers can’t be bothered to respect extremely simple traffic rules to save their own necks, what makes you think they’d respect any kind of political framework, no matter how irresistible you think it is? HONK! Why you…"

You see  the association?  Quebecers (not some Quebecers) can't respect traffic rules so... Dirty work.  Pellerin cultivates prejudices against Quebecers.  

"Sure, there are racist individuals in Quebec. Enough to make it harder for non-white people to find jobs – as the Aug. 16 Citizen story explained, “Quebec’s unemployment rate is about eight per cent, but the jobless rate for visible minorities is 17 per cent.” In fact it seems that workplace-related racism is worse in Quebec than elsewhere. "

You see the lady at work? Numbers have to be explain.  Seventeen per cent means nothing per se.  In New Bruswick, it is 16% . So N-B is also racist?

"Out of the 56 states and provinces surveyed in 2001
."  Survey in 2001 Brigitte?  The article was published in 2006.

Web Site on/about Pellerin :

Jan Wong

She used to live in Montreal.  Her master piece of trash is an article on the Dawson College tragedy (September 2006) entitled Get under the desk:

.  She made a connexion in his sickening article between Law 101 and this terrible event.  Her article has been denounced by Jean Charest, Quebec Premier and Stephan Harper, Canada Premier. The Globe and Mail made no apologie.

Stephan Harper declared:

«Bien que l'auteure ait droit à son opinion, l'argument avancé est clairement absurde et sans fondements. Non seulement est-ce énormément irresponsable de sa part, c'est également rempli de préjugés (que) de jeter le blâme sur la société québécoise de cette façon.»

The prime minister called Globe and Mail columnist Jan Wong’s argument prejudiced, absurd, irresponsible and without foundation

Michel Vastel wrote in L'Actualité:

Le racisme sournois du Globe & Mail

" Un lecteur a porté à mon attention le long article d’un grand reporter du Globe & Mail, Jane Wong, publié dans l’édition de samedi. Il est choqué, à juste titre. L’interprétation que cette journaliste fait du drame survenu la semaine dernière au Collègue Dawson est répugnante. Et il faut en conclure que le Globe & Mail, qui l’a publié en lui donnant beaucoup d’importance, en première page, poursuit sa campagne sournoisement raciste contre la société québécoise."

Web Site on/about Wong :

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 Quebec-bashing is nothing new for the anglophone press, but it is so widespread these days that one wonders if it hasn't become a natural and acceptable expression of Canadian patriotism.


Laws in Canada forbid "hainous litterature".  

 We will not tolerate Quebec bashing in canadian newspapers anymore  
Canada is not a banana republic to tolerate those articles.

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